Thursday, November 29, 2007

tokyo pictures

I know, I's ABOUT time I blogged! and I have so much to blog about! This fall was as crazy as they come and I knew that if I could just make it through to thanksgiving I could let out a giant sigh and that everything would be ok. but getting there was going to be taxing. and it was. but I am on the other side of thanksgiving and am still in one piece. anyway...tracy took tons and tons of pictures in tokyo and he has his on a flicker site. here are the links:

Of course, these are unfiltered so you will see it all from sprinkler heads he thought were interesting to a plate of food that I thought was particularly appetizing to things I asked tracy to get a shot of for me for inspirational purposes to just weird things. But it will give you a taste of crazy tokyo. I journaled on 24 pages while I was there (one of them shown here)...everyday chronicalling the events, my thoughts and other stuff and I have included them all in Art & Life issue 10 (which is now at the printer and is due to be mailed around the 10th of dec.). soon as I get my photos off my camera, I will share some juicy ones here.

that's it for now. enjoy the pictures but leave yourself some time. there are over 600 of them.