Thursday, August 30, 2007

august 30 update.

oh great! I've been forgetting about my blog lately. I can blame it on summer....and getting a new computer...and work... I found these small paintings I did in a class with Diane Culhane awhile back. She's so awesome. She took a break from teaching and is going gung ho on her paintings but said she'll probably come back sooner or later and teach again.
Artfest 2008 is looming and the dam is about to break loose on registering for it. If you want to come, sept. 4th is the day to get your form postmarked. From the emails and enquiries I've been getting, I have a feeling it will be full within a couple of days of sept. 4th. More information can be found at
we have a few spots left for artfiberfest in october. if you want to come email me your choices and I'll check on them and send you an email back. we have a bunch of things planned for our group of about 100 that we could never do with our artfest group of it's been fun thinking along different lines of activities.
Tracy and Trista are heading to Ithaca, NY next wednesday...just in time to miss the artfest onslaught of mail. They will be camping with their WOW (world of warcraft) guild and can't wait. then they are off from there to scotland to spend a week exploring. Trista has always wanted to go and for a girl who never watched movies or tv growing up, she managed to watch the movie, braveheart, like 50 times. then they are heading to London for the Lomo world congress meet. They are both super excited about this event that only happens once every 10 years. If you know Tracy, you'll know about his fanatic attachment to his lomo cameras and the lomography world. and he got trista hooked too. hubby for 18 days. I'm actually really Looking forward to it.
Tiffany and I intend on visiting some 5 star gourmet restaurants a few times while they are gone. We are both foodies and this will be the perfect time to experiment and have some fun. I'm not sure if I can entice her into coming home and helping me with artfest registrations or not yet. She's been super busy with webdesign but is getting really bad carpel tunnel syndrome from it. so we need to find a specialist for that.
In 2 days we are heading to Bumbershoot. I can't wait. I love seeing Flatstock...a screen printed poster show. it's fabulous and I get so inspired. I also love seeing the indie crafters. But they make me feel old and outdated. It didn't seem that long ago when I was the new fresh face on the craft scene. oh well...I love getting older (oddly enough) and all the things that come with it...even the fresh faced young artists who are making names for themselves.
Well, I need to get back to my magazine (issue 9) which is almost wrapped up. But thought I'd say Hi to All my friends out there in blog land. I KNOW I always say this but it's for real this time...I will update soon. I pinky swear.