Thursday, July 12, 2007

fun in CA.

first, I wanted to remind you that we will be at the carson rubber stamp convention this weekend if any of you are inclined to come on over. we'll have our new line of rubber stamps as well as collage sheets to match. more info at

ok...2nd...I had to tell you what we did today. Deb Denton, penguin keeper at seaworld and super cool friend I know through artfest gave us a private tour today and allowed us to stand with the 300 penguins (in the 20 degree freezer they live in), walk with a flamingo (as tall as we were), feed 3 manatees (my hand went inside their mouth!) and I petted some dolphins...oh and did I mention the emperor and other penguins we were able to pet and get up close to??? Tracy and I are in a state of wonder and bliss after our fantastic day.

well...I am in a hotel room right now, using tracy's computer so I'll write more when I get home. just wanted to post about our fun day.

thanks deb. you are as cool as those are way cooler!