Saturday, June 23, 2007


Due to various reasons, we have decided to eliminate the "auto renew" feature of our subscriptions (to Art & Life) through paypal. If you subscribed through paypal, you will be a receiving a cancellation notice. This notice is only for the the auto renew, not your actual subscription. From now on, you will receive a notice with the last issue of your subscription informing you that it is time to renew.

Starting with issue 8 (which will be in the mail the week of june 25th) we will be upgrading all subscriptions to first class mailing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Drop everything, drive to the nearest bookstore and buy Foolsgold by Susan Wooldridge. I am TOTALLY serious! I just opened it up this morning over my bowl of cereal and by the 4th page of the introduction, I had to put it down and go fix my mascara that had started to spread around my moist eyes. Susan is a gem and really, truly gets it. She puts feelings into words and reminds us why creativity is SO important. Get the won't regret it.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

starting june with a bang.

I can breathe again. Alot has been going on but today I felt as if a huge weight was lifted. I just finished Art & Life issue 8 about an hour ago and I am happy with it. So now Tracy is formatting it for the printer and hopefully will get that sent tonight.
Last week we flew to Providence to help tiffany pack up her dorm room and ship the whole thing. Whew...24 boxes later, we were done. She showed us around the city and then we attended her graduation last saturday in the blistering heat (yes it was outside and it was just plain cruel of RISD to make the students sit out in the sun in their black polyester robes)! We went to Newport and found out from a local that the best deal in town was Benjamin's where they served 2 lobsters for $30. Oh my goodness, when they came out, our little table held 6 whole lobsters that were to die for. Super sweet meat. I was in heaven for the rest of the day. We also found some great shopping in providence, namely Figments. I loved the store and the owner. It was different and quirky and a must if you visit that city.
Tracy and I had found an apartment for Tiff before we left up on Capitol Hill so she could move in right away. We were holding our breath that she'd like it and she LOVED it. whew! It's a one-bedroom with tons of huge windows. It sits on the corner so has windows on 2 sides. She has a view of downtown seattle including the space needle and has a corner deck to boot. So what's not to love?! One trip to Ikea and she had enough to get her started on her limited budget.
So, tonight I am sitting down and starting the arduous process of picking workshops for the 2008 Artfest retreat. I have piles and piles sitting on my desk, looking all eager and perky. There are always so many great choices to choose from and only so many classrooms, so it's a fun but gut wrenching time of year for me when I have to say no to so many.
time for dinner...gotta run.