Thursday, November 29, 2007

tokyo pictures

I know, I's ABOUT time I blogged! and I have so much to blog about! This fall was as crazy as they come and I knew that if I could just make it through to thanksgiving I could let out a giant sigh and that everything would be ok. but getting there was going to be taxing. and it was. but I am on the other side of thanksgiving and am still in one piece. anyway...tracy took tons and tons of pictures in tokyo and he has his on a flicker site. here are the links:

Of course, these are unfiltered so you will see it all from sprinkler heads he thought were interesting to a plate of food that I thought was particularly appetizing to things I asked tracy to get a shot of for me for inspirational purposes to just weird things. But it will give you a taste of crazy tokyo. I journaled on 24 pages while I was there (one of them shown here)...everyday chronicalling the events, my thoughts and other stuff and I have included them all in Art & Life issue 10 (which is now at the printer and is due to be mailed around the 10th of dec.). soon as I get my photos off my camera, I will share some juicy ones here.

that's it for now. enjoy the pictures but leave yourself some time. there are over 600 of them.


  1. Ahh I've been checking back to see how the trip to Japan was...can't wait to read about it in A & L.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all these photos! I don't know that I will ever go there so it is especially wonderful and almost like I get to go.

    Glad you are back safely.

    Catherine Witherell

  3. Angela Rae3:13 AM

    Ohhhhh.... I'm just laughing... 600 photos?!!! You guys sound like my kind of people! Aren't digital cameras the best?! I absolutely LOVE my camera! Thanks for sharing!!! Can't wait to read all about your trip in A&L!

    aka mx mommy

  4. Awesome!! I can look at Harajuku all day long! I love the photos, thank you for posting them!!

  5. woolyvines8:49 PM

    I am so glad you are back and I am looking forward to seeing your new journal pages in A&L!
    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  6. I wuv your art so much! I have some of your stamps > and can't wait to get some more for my birthday in two weeks!

    Here is a LO I created using a few of your stencils!

    Thought I would share > I hope u like it!

    Love Lisa Le-Ray

  7. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Great post. Hey did I miss something? you mentioned issue 10 of A &L was going to the printers. I looked at the A &L section of your website, and it seems like issue # 8 is the latest issue. I need to renew my A &L subscription and need to know if I can still get issue # 9 (will pay extra for it). Please let me know.

  8. Do wishes come true? Well fingers crossed they do because after looking at Tee's journal pages, especially this one I wish to create journal pages as outstanding as these one day.
    Japan sounds awesome, THANK YOU for sharing, and I shall have a coffee (or three) and browse through your flickr site x

  9. Been scanning through the flickr photos. One question? Are those itty bitty journal books that a lot of the Japanese artist's are writing/drawing in? They look so adorable. Any idea what size they are? Thanks for the pics.

  10. Anahata8:28 AM

    Hey Teesha. Can't wait to see so many of your travel pages in Art And Life. That's going to be killer! Congratulations on the trip. I know you had been wanting to go for a while. Japan seems so busy and so hip that I feel I would have a melt down there and hit vending machine overload. I have to go check out the pics now.

  11. Thanks for sharing your photos! I hope you and Tracey had a fabulous 25th!!

    Deb May

  12. Hiya Teesha!

    I decided to hit a few of my favs just before heading off to bed....what a great end to my day to find a new blog entry from you!! Beautiful journal page and although I will have to wait til tomorrow to check out the photos (it's so late--I'm not really sure what I'm doing up!), I am already looking forward to diving in to them all as I am sure they are all fabu....can't wait for the new Art & Life too!


  13. Maria7:34 AM

    Fun pix! Can we have a preview of the new issue?

  14. Love the journal page, and had to smile at the bottom very kaawii stuff! :-)

  15. This is great. I think the text works really well with it.

  16. this collage is awesomely
    beautifully, in fact all of
    your work is beyond the realm
    of anything i have ever seen
    in collage art -
    off-the-chain extraordinary.