Thursday, March 08, 2007

delightful mystery

I just had to take a picture. I took all the dolls down off my walls and threw them in a heap in one of our guest rooms. I forgot they were in there when my bi-monthly housekeepers came the other day. when they left, I was delighted to see them all lined up on the couch in that room. Actually...I am wondering if it was the houskekeepers or....they might have decided to all climb up on that couch themselves. we may never know...


  1. They HAD to of climbed up there themselves...they look pretty pleased with themselves! :)

  2. Teesha, I love this photo!!!! The creatures look so cute sitting there!!!!

  3. what a wonderful line up!!!!!!!!!!!

    xox - eb.

  4. I think it was the latter--hee, hee.

    Great dolls!


  5. They look so happy all cuddled up on the bed! Too cute Teesha!


  6. Oh! Too cute to be true!

  7. I've just had a leisurely browse through your blog and, wow, I love your doll collection. Are they all made by the same artist?

    I also love your mixed media pieces. Just fabulous.

    Would you care to exchange links?

    Garden Painter Art

  8. Great collection. I think they have a new home!

  9. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Wouldn't it had been fun if your housekeepers were kinda playing with your dolls as they were arranging them??

    BTW I posted a picture of your studio in my blog. I hope that was ok? I was bragging how much I loved it. I'm redoing my diningroom to be an extra art room---so I was getting ideas from other artist studios.


  10. love your collection. hope you blog again soon, cuz I am completely inspired by you. Love all your journal pages.

  11. this is lovely!

    i'm a student taking some months off to travel. one of the things i really wanted to do was attend an artfest. for reasons of budget i'm only travelling around europe. do you know any artfests or retreats in europe!?

  12. What a fun photo this is!! Silly, silly, silly.

  13. Awesome site. You've got some very nice stuff. Check out my knitted stuff at

  14. Telltinagrossman at AOL.com2:52 PM

    Hi Teesha-
    What has happened the Tattered Circus story? I can't find it any more and I thought it would be linked to your blog. I always thought the story was accessable through the rubber stamp pages but maybe I just imagined that? Anyway, after browsing the stamp images I had the strongest desire to once again read the story and revisit the little unfolding mysteries of the old house, finading things left behind, life coming again... I love the story. It really inspires me. Please help me find it again so I can go back to my studio and get busy!!

  15. Your art is astonishing! Marvellous!
    Your coloful work is a source of inspiration. My very best wishes of success!

  16. thise dolls are all so cute!

  17. Hello Teesha,

    I love your site. Have been a long time fan of yours! Never made it to Artfest though & I live in Tacoma. Next year. Fingers crossed.

    But I was the one who emailed you about considering a scaled down version of Artfest in Tacoma maybe in the fall. Hope you are still considering it.

    Thanks Teesha.

  18. i love your artworks, very good!

  19. What a delightful family of little creatures! My guess is they climbed there on their own. They are magical for sure!!!

  20. My daughter has an Ugly Doll named Babo that she doesn't leave home without - these guys look like his friends!

    Laurie Blau-Marshall
    Loudlife, Designs for Living

    "If you ask me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you I came to live out loud."
    - Emile Zola

  21. How cute they look all lined up on the couch :) I've just found your blog, and loved reading lots of entries.