Tuesday, November 28, 2006

snow pretty

I've been sicker than a dog the last few days, but waking up to the snow made me feel a little more lively. see what we made? LOL...just kidding!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

christmas in the air

I know it isn't even thanksgiving yet but couldn't resist a little holiday decorating. Mary Stanley told me about this place in seattle called "Maxine's" and I went crazy. For anyone coming to Artfest, you might want to plan a stop here....and then Mary say's to eat at The Snappy Dragon close by...which I will do the next time I go. Anyway...here is just a taste of christmas for my thanksgiving guests coming over. Then the day after turkey day is when we go chop down a tree high up on the mountain and finish the rest of the holiday decorations. ...is the fake snow too cheesy? I usually don't do much holiday decorating so this is all new to me...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

lookie whoooo just flew in!

These guys just flew all the way from santa barbara, CA. and when I was taking pictures of them, I'd blink and they popped up in a different spot. Rascally little fellows! I decided to name them Fred, Ned and Ed. They seemed to like those names. Mary Stanley (see my links) made them for a bazaar and when I saw them on her blog, I knew I'd have to adopt them. I have developed this thing for owls but hadn't found any I liked until I saw these. To say I flipped out was an understatement. I knew I needed all 3 brothers. To split them up would have been very sad for them...and me. Mary rug hooked them and then stuffed them. I proudly own quite a few things from her now and they all make me enormously happy.

I just got new glasses...my first pair of transition bifocals. YIKES! The doctor told me I am simply getting old and that's what eyes do. Thanks doc for reminding me! Right now everything looks as if I am in the matrix movie, moving slightly as my eyes adjust to all the different levels of seeing in the lenses. I feel as if I am in an alternate reality that is moving and breathing and an illusion. I was told it takes about a week to get used to. I'm hoping it takes less!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

projects & more

I wanted to show the project I have been working on lately. It is a collaborative type of project that involves 8 women and the subject matter is birds, feathers, nests, & eggs. Anahata sent 8 cigar boxes for us to do something with. I decided to decorate it and make a journal for it. She had made hers into a shrine that is really cool. It will be interesting to see what the other ladies do with theirs. Anyway...it is done and will be moving along soon.

In other news, I recently purchased a 1" button maker and a 3-1/2" one too because it makes coasters with your own artwork....oh and mirrors too. I want to start making some stuff as giveaways (for our orders) and do other stuff too. They've been fun to play around with.

I finished art & life six last tuesday which is why you haven't heard from me for awhile. I just had my nose to the grindstone and wasn't coming up for air until I was done. You still won't see it for about a month. The printer takes 2 weeks and the mailing house takes a few days and then the mail takes a couple of weeks. But it isn't due until december anyway...so expect it around the middle of december I'd guess.

I am starting a routine tommorrow where I have scheduled to "read & answer emails" twice a week. I feel they are overtaking my life and I haven't had time to do other things I want to do. So we will see how that goes (will be interesting since I recieve about 100 a day). I've basically divided the day into 2 parts. I will work on a specific area in the morning and another one in the afternoon...i.e...art & life, artfest, artfiberfest, collaborations, making stuff to sell, errands, emails, personal art projects, zettiology, web stuff (includes blogging), etc. It undoubtedly will take some tweaking but I am giving it my best shot (once again)...it's my ongoing nemesis...