Thursday, October 26, 2006

pan's labyrinth movie!

I keep trying to upload a picture from this movie but I can't so I'll just tell you to go to This is a new movie coming out in december that looks like my kind of flick. My friend lise just told me about it and I can't wait! Well, we are heading to portland right now in fact...tracy just gave me the thumbs up that he is ready to go...we are heading down to see our dear friend, Theo Ellsworth who will be at the Stumptown comicfest tommorrow & sunday. will write more on my return.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

this and that...

LOL...sorry for the random pictures but I have been searching through whatever is on my computer. This happens to be one of my favorite stores (Uwajimaya) and I shot it right before the manager came and told me "no take pictures in store".

So I was supposed to blog yesterday...or so my daytimer states. I decided to cruise around some other blogs first. That was my downfall. They were all so cool with cool graphics and everything that by the end I was feeling rather inept at this whole thing. I turned my writing back onto my magazine and wrote like crazy for the rest of the day. But whatever...I need to be inspired by other blogs, not intimidated by them (easier said than done).

Today I am cleaning my office from top to bottom. I just can't stand it any longer. Yesterday Tracy came in to talk to me while I was writing and could barely see me over the piles all over my desk. I've just had so many projects lately that I jump from one to the other with no time inbetween to regroup. It feels really good to see what's what again.

I want to find my camera again and start taking pics for my blog. I have the most fun doing that. Tiphoni just mailed me her new stamp designs, so I told her I'd get them to the Engravers by monday. I know she is going to go like crazy to get her new images up on her site asap. She has been inundated with homework, new website work and special orders. She keeps calling me and I keep rooting for her to hang in there. She's flabbergasted by all the praise and business she's received lately over her art. The downside for me...I need work done too on my website and now am getting pushed to the side in favor of her new clients. Oh's fun to see her SO excited.

next post will have some fun art...I promise!

Monday, October 16, 2006

So, we went to Bodies; The Exhibition on Sunday in Seattle and I liked it. Not as much as I thought I would, but it was still utterly amazing. I wasn't grossed out at all by it....not really sure why some people are. There were alot of people there and everyone seemed in awe. Although after going through the first couple of rooms I whispered to Tracy that they should have named the exhibit; MEAT. Because that was what all the muscles looked like. The highlight room for me was the blood vessel room. These are the most delicate and intricate "sculptures" I have ever seen. It has made me view myself differently. There is the aspect of all the "meat" and the greyish organs and everything else. But then I remember that the beautiful blood vessel system is inside me too. It reminds me that we are a beautiful spiritual being inside of an earthbound "organic" casing. What has intrigued me the most since the show was the similiarity between our rib bone and tale bone and a whales (which they show next to each other). Anyway...if you can afford the $25, go. If not, it's not a life or death situation if you don't go. I have to say that I came away from it with more respect for my body. I am now hoping that relates to me getting more exercise and eating better. we'll see.

we went to check out a "funky studio loft" above shorty's in belltown. It was only $400 but the building seemed like a hangout for drug addicts. It was really bad and the rooms were even worse. When we finally got out of there, we both let out a big sigh. the search goes on.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Day in seattle

OK fine. I know I said every other day I'd blog. I guess I need to work up to that. This last week was spent sweating bullets on issue #6. It just wasn't coming along in it's normal flowing fashion. So when Tracy had to do some work yesterday in Seattle and asked if I wanted to tag along, I jumped at the chance. The first stop was a job he had to look at. I sat in the car for 10 minutes and in that time came up with 4 ideas to write about for the zine. Amazing what a fresh change of scenery will do. Next he had to go to a coffee house to work up a bid, so off we went to Vivace on capitol hill. I've been a non-coffee drinker for quite a few months now so, when he said he'd be about an hour, I took off down Broadway. Found a super cool magazine store with tons of titles I had never seen before and walked out of there 1/2 hour later with 2 bags full. We knew Trista had a 2 hour break between classes, so we made a pit stop at The Baguette Box for a few tofu sandwiches ( I LIVE for these!!!) and told her we were on our way. We scooped her up and had a wonderful picnic outside....yes, in seattle....yes in the middle of october!

So we were on our way back to the car when we spotted a car that literally was packed full of garbage on the passengers seat and the back seat...and this thing was packed up to the top of the seats....amazing. Since I was looking at it & not where I was going, my foot caught on bump in the pavement and the next thing I knew, it seemed like 10 seconds I was flying through the air parrallel with the ground. When I hit, it wasn't a pretty sight. Blood was dripping from a seriously scraped knee and since I had shorts on, it was so lovely.

We took Trista back to the CS (computer science) building on the UW campus and off we went. Next stop was OKOK in Ballard. I love that store and the guy who owns it is really cool. Bought way too many books but enjoyed every minute of it. Then we finagled our way down to Belltown to see the new exhibits at roq la rue and the BLVD gallery. I love skateboard art and was not disappointed. We walked around down there looking for studio space to rent and talked to a few of our friends who work down there. Tracy had never eaten at Flying Fish, so I took him there and at 5:30 we were sitting out on the sidewalk, eating al fresco. It was lovely and delicious. The seafood bisque is to die for.

After that things got real ugly. We had seen that Jan Svankmeier was showing a film on the other side of town, so we hopped in the car and found this little theatre (NW Film Forum). The movie was called Lunacy and I would NOT recommend it! Ugh! I'm still trying to shake this depressing movie off. I think everyone knew what we did not, because there were only 5 of us in the theatre. Oh some, lose some. Afterward, Tracy was eyeballing some of the hoppin' bars and coffeehouses to journal at, but I was getting sleepy.

I had wanted to see the "Bodies" exhibit (yes, same one that has been in New York), but will have to save that for another day. My girls think I'm crazy for wanting to see it, but I can't wait....I mean, when else will I get to see the amazing work of art in the human body??? Tiffany said "even hardened RISD students were getting grossed out by it". I was cracking up...what's a "hardened RISD student"? It is now 6am on saturday morning and boy do I feel energized from yesterday. It's time to zoom, zoom, zoom on issue 6.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back to life again!

I feel like a crud for dropping the ball on my blog entries. I recently heard from a few students I had in Tempe that they look at my blog every day hoping... So...I am going to try to update every other day at the minimum. Tracy and I just got back from a fun journal weekend in tempe. Robin and Vynnie curated a journal show at Cindy and Gary's 'The Paper Studio' shop. Tracy taught relic journals and metal journals and I taught visual journaling and had the best students. It was a blast. Robin and Vynnie took us to phoenix's first friday artwalk which blew me away. There was group of 8 of us (tracy, me, robin, vynnie, anahata-taught along with us during the event, fran meneley-an artist in the show, andrew & juanita-2 of our students) who all went out for thai food at one of the best places in phoenix. So to get to talk to other artists is something we don't get to do very often and we were diggin' it. Then onto the artwalk. By this time it was dark but there were tons and tons of people milling about. the energy was unbelievable with young artists selling their handmade creations along the sidewalk and garage bands playing just beyond sound distance of each other. There were some really cool, very unstuffy galleries and boutiques we ventured into and bought a few things. Tracy bought some pencil drawings by a guy who looked about 18. His girlfriend seemed ecstatic. You got the feeling that was going to help with rent that month. The whole affair was amazing and super energizing. Tracy and I could have stayed until the last artist decided to pack it in, but there were some east coasters in our midst who were tired so, we left. Vynnie said that we only explored 25% of the event. I couldn't believe it! Later, in our hotel room, tracy and I were scheming ways of trying to do the same thing in seattle. I think our weather would work against us but boy oh boy...were we excited about the prospect. If you are ever there on a first friday, you MUST GO!!! It is worth a plane ticket to go down.

It also re-sparked an idea we keep having about renting an artist studio in downtown seattle. We always thought that when our girls left home, we'd move out of the country and into a loft in downtown seattle where we'd always get inspired by the energy that big cities pulse with. However, when that time came (2 years ago) we realized we love our home and our studio in the country and our trees and our fenced acre that sophie (our norwegian elkhound/chow) likes to run around in, so we dropped the dream. Recently though, we were realizing that maybe we can have our cake and eat it too!!! If we can find a rental space for a decent price, then we can go to the city on the weekends and make art and hang out with all the other cool artists at our favorite haunts. So I will keep you informed. It's a juicy idea that holds much excitement.

Being on a trip also snapped me out of my life at the moment and made me realize that I haven't made any significant art for a year. I couldn't believe it. Sure I have journaled and journaled some more...but nothing beyond that. So that is also on my agenda to get worked back into my life. I miss it and don't want to become complacent about it. Will update as I do it.

Lastly...I saw a word today that was inspiring, so I thought I'd share it here. TWIRL. Hope it conjures up a whole lot of creative ideas for you too. I'll write again on thursday.