Sunday, July 30, 2006

Artfest brochure!

The artfest brochure is finally up. go to and click on artfest. With that done and issue #5 ready to go to the printers tommorrow, I am getting out of the house today and celebrating! whew! I feel like I just dug myself out of a very long, deep cave. Enjoy looking! oh and, I want to thank my daughter Tiphoni, you designed the artfest site. She's become quite an amazing web designer! OK...I'm off to enjoy my day!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

how I spent my summer

This is it. I am officially losing my mind. Too many deadlines. So I am taking a break to blog. The Artfest website is EVER so close to going live. I gave my daughter (who's designing the whole thing) a deadline of august 1st, but am really pushing on her to get it up sooner. There is a chance it could go live by this saturday (but don't hold your breath). I will announce here and on the artfest yahoo group, the minute it's available online. Lots and lots of other things that need to get done NOW too. it's kind of putting a damper on summer! also, I just gave Cindy ( my workshop description for the "Under The Covers Journal show and event" we will be involved with down in Tempe on oct. 6,7,8. I am hoping to list our workshops on my website this weekend. that should be a blast. Time is ticking so I better get back to it. will write again in a couple of days.

Friday, July 14, 2006

the mystical world of nature...

eeeyikes! Didn't realize how much time has sped by lately. I've had my head buried in the next issue of art & life and basically been ignoring all else. I love any project that I can immerse myself completely...but I always have this underlying uneasiness about everything else I need to be attending to. so it's a double edged sword. The LA trip/show was great. I loved being back down there again, but for the first time I was really struck by the fact that there is really no "nature" down there. The palm trees seemed to stand out like homing beacons for me and the occasional dusty shrub on the sidewalk seemed to be a magical creature waiting there to delight me. To say that my eyes have been opened in the past year to seeing nature at such a deeper level is the understatement of the decade. I am thankful but completely mystified as to why I am reacting so strongly to every plant, flower and tree that I see...even water has taken on a different form for me. I'm baffling tracy and tiffany as I repeatedly plead to go swimming up at the lake (something I avoided in my 20's and 30's). The water surrounding me and the woods surrounding the lake almost brings me to tears by it's beauty and very alive energy. We are lucky to have relatives who own a house on a small but beautiful dark lake. It has always kind of creeped out my daughters because it is so black that you can't see further than a couple of inches under water. We joke nervously about all the lake creatures who live in the murky depths while floating around on our "noodles" (6' styrofoam tubes). and wonder if they ever think..."hmm...look, a nice lunch of noodles with human meatballs on top"...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Come see us in California

Just a reminder that we will be at the Carson, CA. Rubber Stamp Convention next weekend (july 8,9). more details at Can't wait to see all our buddies in LA again!