Monday, June 26, 2006

Artfberfest is over. Back to reality again.

Artfiberfest just ended yesterday and I'm already missing everyone. The teachers and the students were a perfect mix and everyone seemed ecstatic and inspired by their workshops (and each other!). I always feel so blessed to get to be the facilitator of such a great group. My daughter took a class from Mary Stanley during the retreat and taught it to me when we got home yesterday since I am always too busy to take any classes. Since it was so hot, all we could do was sit and sew in front of the fan. This is my piece. It's roughly 2"x2". Anyway...we are doing it (artfiberfest) again next year but since we all liked the small group aspect, we will be limiting our numbers to 140. If you want to come, mark your calendars to look at my site ( in november. registration will begin in december for artfiberfest 2007. The exact date is still to be determined but will be roughly the end of june again. We are also in the planning stages of a 3rd event to add to artfest and fiberfest.....It will be Journalfest! and will be a group of about 50. We'll be getting info on that up soon too.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Some more pics from the show

Starting at top; Mary Stanley, Syd McCutcheon (sheep floozy), Barbe St. John. Tonight we will have the show & tell of everything the attendees have been making for the past 3 days, so I'll try to get some pics up soon from that. Well, I'm off to the retreat. When I get some time, I'll publish the rest of the vendors on my website.

I'm in the middle of ArtFiberfest

My artfiberfest retreat is currently underway. It started a few days ago and today is the last day. Since I woke up early this morning, I thought I'd share some photos of last night's fabulous vendor show before running back to the college (yes, we get to sleep at home).
These are just 4 of the 24 artists. Starting at the top; Tracie Lampe & friends, Darlene Veltman, Keely Barham, Lampe's Lumps, and Lisa Bias.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

playing with my camera

It's the end of the workday and I just felt like logging onto my blog. Tracy and I celebrate 24 years of marriage on monday but I got my anniversary present early today...a new camera (nikon coolpix S6) so of course, I was running around trying out the macro mode. here's a few of the pics.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Artfiberfest Vendor Show

Everyone is welcome to come to our Vendor Night at Artfiberfest on friday night June 23. Address is: Trinity Lutheran College - 4221 228th Ave. SE. Issaquah, WA 98029. It's open from 7pm-9pm. Here is our list of vendors: Fabric Frog Designs, Orange Bus Studios, Lisa Engelbrecht, Sassy Art goddess, Paper Squirrel, Darlene Veltman, Mother Rubber, Atlantian Dreams, Shades of Akasha, The Red Door Studio, Marilyn's Nouvelle Collection, Lisa Bias, Denise Marie Doll Art, Suz Simanaitis, Pam Garrison, Kate Lyon, Traci Bautista, Kari Bjorklund, DJ Pettitt, Creative Art Diner, Lampe's Lumps, Barbe St. John, Elise Peeples, Mary Stanley, Zettiology. There will be SO MUCH MORE than fiber related art and's a rare opportunity to get to purchase from these vendors. No admisson charged.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Most grueling 3 days

I just got done sorting through the stacks and stacks of proposals for Artfest. I've been working at it since monday. I finally had to just get out of the house today and take a walk down by the lake (coulon) because it's SO draining. There are so many great classes and amazing people who want to be a part of artfest and yet...there are only so many classrooms. It's always the most exciting time of year and the most gut wrenching. Tracy has been lending me his ear and his excellent advice and it helps. I finally have the final line-up and my gut feels exhiliarated about who I picked (when it is not thinking about the other pile...). Now I have to (get to!) go through the proposals for Artfiberfest....then it's the fun & not-so-fun task of letting all the teachers know who made it & who didn't. Anyway......just needed a break, so I thought I'd log on here and tell you about my day. I can't WAIT to share with you the line-up!!!! It feels like the best one ever! (you'll have to wait about a month while we log everything in to the online brochure). Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

why I love sushi

So I have a GAZILLION things to do right now, but Tiff and I just got back from having sushi for lunch and I had to take a picture of this caterpillar roll. The eyes are 2 little suckers from an octopus tentacle (hehehe). I love his antenna's and his pointy tail. For anyone in the Renton Highlands, the sushi at "Sushi & Teryaki" is really good....and cute too!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fabric experiments

So I tried to take some time to make something this weekend. Both of these are journal pages printed onto fabric. The first one is hand quilted and the second one is machine quilted. I actually don't like either all that much, but they will probably end up incorporated into a fabric journal at some point. I also did a lot of journaling which I'll show you when the pages are done. Actually I did emjoy hand quilting again. Tracy and I are working our way through Season One of Battlestar Galactica so it makes me feel better if I can sit there and do something.

handmade pinhole camera

Tracy recently bought this "build it yourself" pinhole camera from his website obsession ( and built it today. After building it, he got out his wood burner and made it into one of the coolest cameras I have ever seen. He's so amazing!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Tiffany's home!

My daughter just spent the last 6 days driving from Rhode Island to Seattle in her orange '79 vw bus. She slept in Walmart parking lots because apparently a lot of people do that. They are free, are open 24 hours and they have a bathroom. So all the rv's and campers and vans all group together in the corner of the parking lot and "camp" there for the night. Supposedly a lot of people do it! crazy! Anyway...since she needs $$ fast, I hired her to write the html code to add links and a cooler header to my blog and am tickled pink with what she did. She tried to explain it to me but html is like some big math equation and I'd rather not deal with it. She is still working on her newest site but you gotta see it What you see was her final project for her Web Design class at RISD.