Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My new couch

I have always wanted a sectional but was always told that they aren't good to decorate 24 years later, I figured...gosh darn it...I'm getting one! I went in and ordered it in this fantastic orange fabric and requested the teal blue/olive pillows instead of same color pillows. They questioned my choice but I told them I'd sign whatever they needed to assure them that I wouldn't change my mind once I saw it. (can you tell I've been down that road a few times! LOL). It came a couple weeks ago but I've been having problems uploading pictures to my computer. Anyway...just had to show it off cuz I ADORE it! Behind the couch sits a tall desk that Tracy usually sits at with his laptop so he can watch tv and play W.O.W. or work on the site or work on his lomography home. Me...I usually have books spread all over the couch and the coffee table that I read while watching tv. It's fun sitting on an orange couch.

New Zetti & Circus Catalogs!

Tracy and I worked all memorial day weekend to finish up our new Zetti catalog and get some new images up on our site from Theo Ellsworth. This catalog ended up being over 100 pages but includes all our images, all our supplements, 40 new designs by Theo and 100 "Vintage Zetti" designs...images that have been discontinued but have been some of our customers favorites. In addition, I dug out the old originals for my other rubber stamp company, The Tattered Circus, added 2 pages of new images and am reprinting that as well. Both are at the printers right now. Unfortunately though, we'll have to charge $6 for the Zetti catalog and $3 for the circus one. You will be charged $5 shipping if you order it off our site but if you order anything else, you'll essentially save on shipping (all orders up to $34.99 are charged a flat $5 shipping). If ordering through the mail, please include $2 shipping per catalog (or $3 if ordering together). Tracy said he'll have the catalog buttons on our site by midnight tonight so you can order them. He also told me that he'll be adding the new "vintage zetti" images and our new circus images bit by bit to the site over the next few weeks as he can find the time. LIfe seems to be running at super speed right now and I'm not quite sure why that is. But we are holding on and trying to stay sane.

Delivery of Art & LIfe #4

Yikes...I figured I better post here because I am getting tons of emails about the (un)arrival of issue #4. Yes, it was mailed out awhile ago but takes between 2-4 weeks to get to it's destinations. That is why I try to get it out 2 weeks before the month it is due. The post office just seems to be getting slower and slower and it wasn't much better when I used the media mail rate either. So, please give it a few weeks (until the end of june) and then if you haven't seen it, give me a hollar.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wall of Dolls

I keep telling all the gals that I have bought these dolls from that I'd get a picture up here is my living room wall. Darlene Veltman & daughter made the sock creatures. Lisa Bias & her significant other Gary made many of the others. LK Ludwig made the orange & red one standing by the ugly doll (bottom left corner of the first picture. and I know I have a few in there made by Keely Barham. This in no way represents my obsessive collection! LOL. I find myself staring at the wall of dolls instead of the tv half the time!


Evidence I have been working on the new catalog and new rubber stamps. LOL.


Guess where I got to go on thursday night? Cirque du Soleil was doing their Varekai show and Tracy had bought us tickets as a valentines day gift for me. It was fantastic...much better than other "traveling" shows I've seen. I love them all, but way prefer the permanent shows in Las Vegas. Have seen them all, Mystere, O, and Ka. I was entranced with O and amazed at Ka. But Mystere was awesome too. To me, the trick is to get a seat close enough to the stage to see their costumes and make-up in detail...that's what makes it in my opinion...that and the music! Anyhow...we managed to get in row C on the side (which is actually 5 rows back from the stage) and the perfect spot in my opinion. Except for the fact that we felt like sardines all crammed into a can, it was a magical evening. They design the seats with those little itty bitty acrobats in mind, I'm sure of it! Highly recommended if you live in the vicinity.

A lunch break in seattle

So I am a little behind on my pictures I took for my I'm playinc catch-up...but a couple weeks ago we took a day in seattle and I dug my camera out, dusted it off and attempted to snap a few shots of that day. This picture was from the Baguette Box where I had a to-die-for sandwich with coconut marinated tofu, pickled radishes and daikon, and cilantro along with an aioli sauce. Along with that we split some truffle fries. YUM. Yes, that is tracy sitting there and the kitchen in the background. After that Tracy had a meeting close to Pioneer Square that he said would take awhile. I didn't feel like shopping so I decided to start walking. I walked all the way up first ave. about 5 long blocks to pike place but had to stop at Watson Kennedy...a yummy little boutique full of stuff from france and all sorts of goodies. Had I not been walking, I would have bought some dishes with large text all over them. I took some shots at the market for fun...old hat for me but figured some of you might like to see what it looks like down there...the colors and the fun!
I am having a hard time placing the pictures where I want them...anyhoo...I looked around and finally went back to first ave., bought myself a bottle of water and sat on the sidewalk and people watched. Tracy finally called and came and picked me up. We decided to get out of the city before rush hour started. It was a lovely breath of fresh air to get out and enjoy seattle for a couple of hours.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My book pile waiting to be read

books on my reading table right now: (note - these are ones not usually listed in my magazine - also note that I am not recommending any of them until I read them obviously, but they are piled high waiting to be perused) Your Body's Many Cries For Water by Batmanghelidj, The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruse Fife, The Whole Truth by Andrea Beaman (gal from the tv show, Top Chef), Harumi's Japanese Cooking by Jarumi Kurihara, Vegetables From The Sea by Jill Gusman, Hungry Planet by Peter Menzel, In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore, The Art of Being by Constance Rhodes, Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, Tom's Big Dinners by Tom Douglas, Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting by Kim Werker.

busy busy

yay...I finally have the 4th issue of art and life to the mailing house who said it will be mailed this friday, the 19th! I also just decided to re-do our entire zettiology catalog which is a huge undertaking. We have added new designs by Theo Ellsworth and are bringing back our "vintage zetti" designs...some of our first and most favorite images that our customers have been demanding we carry again. We finally got our stencils in, so we are gearing up to put them on the website along with some cool "man" buttons. Meanwhile, the new limited edition rubber stamp set in issue 4 is killer...I think they will go fast. It's been uncharacteristically warm around here for the past few days. My herbs and tomato plants are growing so fast they seem like radioactive mutant plants. I'm not complaining! although my poor dog (norwegian elkhound) is dying cuz she hasn't had a chance to shed much yet. On top of redoing our catalog I decided I wanted a fresh look to my website so have been designing stuff for that too. Now I just have to wait for tracy to feel like working on my site. As soon as my daughter is home for the summer, she said she'd help me out with it...but that's a long ways off... are there any other WOW (world of warcraft) widows out there? that's the reason why tracy "doesn't have time". sheesh...that game really sucks you in.

Monday, May 08, 2006

hang on 1 or 2 more days...

I am wrapping up issue 4 of Art & Life today and tommorrow as my deadline for getting it to the printer is this week....I am shooting for hang on a few more days and then I'll get all sorts of stuff up here. I promise! I dug my camera out and have been taking all sorts of shots of stuff to post too. and thanks for all the comments! wow. what a boost of "happy" to hear from everyone! ok. back to the 'zine. It's 90% done...

Monday, May 01, 2006

this is wild

I was amazed that I had all these comments. I am so new to blogging, so you will have to bear with me. I even forgot where I hosted this thing. I had to visit my website and click on the link. sheesh! anyway...I have had my head literally buried in the next issue of Art & Life last week and only came up for air this past weekend. I only deal with one thing at a time, but when I am into it, it's my whole the exclusion of all else. So everything not related to finishing up the issue was ignored. I can happily say that I am 90% done so can play catch up this week for everything else. Trista finally got to the point with her kidney stone last friday where she couldn't deal with the pain. It was stuck and so she, too, had to go in for surgery. Tracy picked her up and stayed with her in the hospital from about 9am to 10pm while I stayed home and tried to finish up the magazine (I told you I work on something to the exclusion of all else. LOL). Thanks to everyone for your positive comments about me having a blog now. I will vow to try to add something on a regular basis. It's kind of like a journal...but I am really talking to folks...not simply to myself as I do in my journal... so that part is kinda fun.