Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kidney Stone time of year

Well...I just got done finishing up my annual Art retreat (artfest) 2 weeks ago and couldn't get into work the week after. I just sat in my office spinning my wheels, so Tracy finally told me to just take the week off. I didn't argue much. But the problem came in when I was all ready to get back into work last week and Trista (my 20 year old) came down with a kidney stone (her 2nd in 6 months). Tracy spent 6 hours in the ER with her. The next day, Tuesday, Tracy came home saying that he felt he was having some serious sympathy pains for trista. By 7pm, we was doubled over and I was rushing him to another ER. This time it only took 10 minutes for the diagnosis of "you have a kidney stone". What are the odds of 2 family members having a kidney stone within a day of each other??! anyway...I tried to work all last week but it is very strange to have your husband home all day every day. He didn't need much attention but I was thrown off. By the end of the week (yesterday) he was having surgery to remove it because the doctor said it was too large to pass. After surgery, the doc referred to it as looking like a 2 headed monster! LOL. Not surprising that tracy had one of THOSE inside him! Tommorrow is Easter and we'll not be celebrating in any big way.

Adding a picture

Bear with me as I try all this all feels so foreign. I'm seeing what all is involved to add a picture and what it looks like.

Unfamiliar Territory

After viewing my friend Syd's blog, I thought I'd try my hand at this...