Thursday, October 19, 2006

this and that...

LOL...sorry for the random pictures but I have been searching through whatever is on my computer. This happens to be one of my favorite stores (Uwajimaya) and I shot it right before the manager came and told me "no take pictures in store".

So I was supposed to blog yesterday...or so my daytimer states. I decided to cruise around some other blogs first. That was my downfall. They were all so cool with cool graphics and everything that by the end I was feeling rather inept at this whole thing. I turned my writing back onto my magazine and wrote like crazy for the rest of the day. But whatever...I need to be inspired by other blogs, not intimidated by them (easier said than done).

Today I am cleaning my office from top to bottom. I just can't stand it any longer. Yesterday Tracy came in to talk to me while I was writing and could barely see me over the piles all over my desk. I've just had so many projects lately that I jump from one to the other with no time inbetween to regroup. It feels really good to see what's what again.

I want to find my camera again and start taking pics for my blog. I have the most fun doing that. Tiphoni just mailed me her new stamp designs, so I told her I'd get them to the Engravers by monday. I know she is going to go like crazy to get her new images up on her site asap. She has been inundated with homework, new website work and special orders. She keeps calling me and I keep rooting for her to hang in there. She's flabbergasted by all the praise and business she's received lately over her art. The downside for me...I need work done too on my website and now am getting pushed to the side in favor of her new clients. Oh's fun to see her SO excited.

next post will have some fun art...I promise!


  1. Hey You,
    The cool part about blogs is just being able to peek in on you. I feel like whenever I go through a lot of trouble to make a really fantastic post- suddenly no ones there. It feels like a comedian saying his punch line to a group of chirping crickets. So I have decided that I am not spending so much time trying to go all out since people seem to enjoy the most random things. Go figure. I love coming to your blog. (And don't you just love one more thing on your list to do anyways. You know you needed to have something extra to do between making soup and having to pee!) Even getting a glimpse into all the work involved with Artfest and Art & Life is inspiring. We are happy you are floating with us in cyber-bloggy world.

  2. I was cruising around the internet looking for artistic journaling, and came across your website. Your journal pages are so beautiful! And noticed you had a blog, so I had to leave a note. And your desk sounds a lot like mine! But I have a 7 year old that also adds to the chaos. So along with my own items, I'll randomly find lego creations.

  3. I often get that syndrome myself, the whole, "oh god, these blogs are so amazing, why do I even bother" thing. But I do it because I like doing it, and that's the most important thing, not the graphics or the look or the terribly witty things that are said.

    I'm a long time fan, and just noticed today that you started blogging. Welcome!

  4. Yeah, I wish I knew how to do the bells and whistles on my blog too.

    Mine is never wordy, just full of art.

  5. Oh I forgot to add, when you upload/post your photos, make sure and click on "large" that way we can see your art a little better.

  6. Teesha,
    I took a class with you earlier this month in Phoenix and I was so inspired by your work. I read your blog to see where you get some of your inspiration. My blog is also very much a work in progress. It's always a struggle to deal with the technical stuff and at the same time to be able to use most of my energy for the "creative stuff". I posted some of the pictures of my journal page backgrounds I started in your class on my blog if you're interested!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration and for letting us peek into your life!

  7. I'm totally impressed that you can find inspiration to write and publish Art & Life, create a line of cool stamps, make pages in your art journal that really rock, organize a super event (Artfest), teach workshops, take workshops ..... AND find time and energy to blog! The goodness is that it's all inspiring. ~Sharon
    PS - After I clean my messy studio, I ususally can't find anything. It's better when it's messy because then I know where stuff is, did you ever notice that?

  8. So glad to see you blogging more!!

  9. Hi Teesha! I just found your website and blog very recently. Gotta tell ya I absolutely adore your journal pages - I find your work truly inspiring. It's fantastically breathtaking (seriously!)...I wish I had known of you when you taught your class in AZ (I live in the SE part of AZ). Hopefully you'll come back again soon, and I'll definitely be one of the first to sign up. Best wishes & keep wowing us with your art! Peggi

  10. Hi Teesha,

    As one mom to another there is no greater feeling than watching your children follow their dreams and loving every minute. You must be bursting at the seams watching Tiphoni's excitement grow as she shares her talents!!! Enjoy the moment!!!!

  11. I LOVE your blog! I love all the creative things you do, and how you have time to write in your blog too...simply amazes me!

    Thanks for sharing your life with the curious~


  12. Thought you might be interested in this lovely stuffed toy exhibit in australia:

    and there is also one in seattle:

    going on thru November 2nd.

    Fun stuff!


  13. tee hee...

    there is a kickass place in little tokyo that is all japanese stuff department type store... they have EVERYTHING and all the labels and tags and everything all designed out all happy and *bing* *WOW* *color* *bubble*

    swoon to say the least.

    i GRAB my camera and think to myself

    "im going to be here for awhile"

    and like you...




    so every time i go to la i try to snap at least one pic... one at a time...

    and pretend i didnt know and apologize...

    i know that is so rotten...


    the PICTURES!

    i always end up buying a thing or two of something that i really wanted to get a pic of but got caught too soon.

    i got me a $15 package of japanese maxipads... and use thepackaging... pull off strips... anything with words or pictures with instructions or whatnot for art projects.. im almost out of em...