Monday, October 16, 2006

So, we went to Bodies; The Exhibition on Sunday in Seattle and I liked it. Not as much as I thought I would, but it was still utterly amazing. I wasn't grossed out at all by it....not really sure why some people are. There were alot of people there and everyone seemed in awe. Although after going through the first couple of rooms I whispered to Tracy that they should have named the exhibit; MEAT. Because that was what all the muscles looked like. The highlight room for me was the blood vessel room. These are the most delicate and intricate "sculptures" I have ever seen. It has made me view myself differently. There is the aspect of all the "meat" and the greyish organs and everything else. But then I remember that the beautiful blood vessel system is inside me too. It reminds me that we are a beautiful spiritual being inside of an earthbound "organic" casing. What has intrigued me the most since the show was the similiarity between our rib bone and tale bone and a whales (which they show next to each other). Anyway...if you can afford the $25, go. If not, it's not a life or death situation if you don't go. I have to say that I came away from it with more respect for my body. I am now hoping that relates to me getting more exercise and eating better. we'll see.

we went to check out a "funky studio loft" above shorty's in belltown. It was only $400 but the building seemed like a hangout for drug addicts. It was really bad and the rooms were even worse. When we finally got out of there, we both let out a big sigh. the search goes on.


  1. We are all MEAT. Peel off the hide and the differences vanish.

    That spiritual stuff you mention may be all chemical reactions taking place between our ears, but what special chemical reactions they are.

    Very special, indeed.

  2. Oh Hoooray! Keep up the studio/ loft hunt. I can only imagine what brain child you would build in there. As for the "still life with drug addicts" I guess we won't be seeing that one.
    I would love to go see the Meat show too. I have heard great things. I didn't realize it came to seattle. That's good news. I hope to intercept it.
    As for the spiritual beings - doesn't science just seem to be the verification of it? How can such things exhist? It must be for the pure joy of it. It seems like one big atomic creation. Art, tissue, stem cells, weather, lilacs... What's the cool thing on your table?

  3. Have you checked out Georgetown recently for artist space? It's got a great vibe going on.

  4. I love the more-frequent updates, Teesha! Keep 'em comin'! Hugs, Shari

  5. Good luck on your hunt! I can just imagine what kind a space you will carve there! Not including druggies might be a good decision, though! LOL


  6. Hi Teesha - I recently saw the Bodies here in Boston... found it difficult to wrap my brain around the fact that they were actually once living and breathing human beings! It left me with a whole new definition to "body art"!

  7. We have an exhibit currently running up here in Vancouver called Body Worlds at Science World.

    It is here until January and I can't wait to see it. Should be very interesting.

    Was Bodies another Gunther von Hagens exhibit? Sounds very similar.

    As a side note, thanks for the regular posts, Teesha. Always a treat to see what you have been up to. Good luck on the hunt for a studio.


  8. I saw the Bodies show here in Houston with my 9 yr old grandaughter. Neither of us was grossed out and I, too, found the blood vessels along with the nerves most fascinating. It becomes obvious that blood is the river of life. What an incredible show!

  9. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Brian and I saw Bodies in Las Vegas. It was powerful, intense, wild,etc. I was totally moved by the babies under microscope, even at a week, its no tadpole. it has arms and legs and head and body, its so cool. every woman has to choose their own path on abortion, but they should at least be told the truth that at a week or 2 it is an adorable baby, which of course we still hope for after 16 yrs of tryin. 'Lan

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