Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back to life again!

I feel like a crud for dropping the ball on my blog entries. I recently heard from a few students I had in Tempe that they look at my blog every day hoping... So...I am going to try to update every other day at the minimum. Tracy and I just got back from a fun journal weekend in tempe. Robin and Vynnie curated a journal show at Cindy and Gary's 'The Paper Studio' shop. Tracy taught relic journals and metal journals and I taught visual journaling and had the best students. It was a blast. Robin and Vynnie took us to phoenix's first friday artwalk which blew me away. There was group of 8 of us (tracy, me, robin, vynnie, anahata-taught along with us during the event, fran meneley-an artist in the show, andrew & juanita-2 of our students) who all went out for thai food at one of the best places in phoenix. So to get to talk to other artists is something we don't get to do very often and we were diggin' it. Then onto the artwalk. By this time it was dark but there were tons and tons of people milling about. the energy was unbelievable with young artists selling their handmade creations along the sidewalk and garage bands playing just beyond sound distance of each other. There were some really cool, very unstuffy galleries and boutiques we ventured into and bought a few things. Tracy bought some pencil drawings by a guy who looked about 18. His girlfriend seemed ecstatic. You got the feeling that was going to help with rent that month. The whole affair was amazing and super energizing. Tracy and I could have stayed until the last artist decided to pack it in, but there were some east coasters in our midst who were tired so, we left. Vynnie said that we only explored 25% of the event. I couldn't believe it! Later, in our hotel room, tracy and I were scheming ways of trying to do the same thing in seattle. I think our weather would work against us but boy oh boy...were we excited about the prospect. If you are ever there on a first friday, you MUST GO!!! It is worth a plane ticket to go down.

It also re-sparked an idea we keep having about renting an artist studio in downtown seattle. We always thought that when our girls left home, we'd move out of the country and into a loft in downtown seattle where we'd always get inspired by the energy that big cities pulse with. However, when that time came (2 years ago) we realized we love our home and our studio in the country and our trees and our fenced acre that sophie (our norwegian elkhound/chow) likes to run around in, so we dropped the dream. Recently though, we were realizing that maybe we can have our cake and eat it too!!! If we can find a rental space for a decent price, then we can go to the city on the weekends and make art and hang out with all the other cool artists at our favorite haunts. So I will keep you informed. It's a juicy idea that holds much excitement.

Being on a trip also snapped me out of my life at the moment and made me realize that I haven't made any significant art for a year. I couldn't believe it. Sure I have journaled and journaled some more...but nothing beyond that. So that is also on my agenda to get worked back into my life. I miss it and don't want to become complacent about it. Will update as I do it.

Lastly...I saw a word today that was inspiring, so I thought I'd share it here. TWIRL. Hope it conjures up a whole lot of creative ideas for you too. I'll write again on thursday.


  1. Michelle4:40 PM

    I too have been waiting.....for an entry - YEAH, and am very inspired by your work!


  2. Hey, Teesha! Thanks for coming to Tempe...it was great!!! I was wondering if you could let me know the names of the artists you showed samples of. I have Henrik Drescher and Andrea Fuhrman, but didn't take down the rest...Thanks!

  3. It was so nice seeing you in Tempe this weekend! Glad you enjoyed our piece of the desert!

  4. Hi,
    So glad you updated! Tempe sounds wonderful. I love going to and being inspired by art venues.
    I would love it it every so often to attend a work shop or a good vibe show in Seattle. Count me in for vending or attending.
    An Artist flat would be great for you and Tracy.... I have often, when off island, driven by an empty warehouse near some railroad tracks in Mt. Vernon. It just screams Artist's Flat/Studio.
    Hope you make your dream a reality!
    Rhonda Scott

  5. Nice to be reading you again. That sounds like a great time you had. I think I'm jealous.
    Will you be teaching in Seattle sometime soon? If so, where and when?

  6. Hi Teesha!

    I am so happy that you had a good visit to our desert. I had a fabulous and inspiring weekend as well.

    I so understand what you say about not feeling like you have produced anything significant. I have been really productive in many ways but also feel a bit like nothing is noteworthy! I think these things are cyclic, I predict a flurry of creative works in the very near future.

    Glad to see we have inspired you to post...

  7. Teesha.... so happy to see you are blogging again. We certainly do enjoy your posts! I LOVE the word twirl! I used to have a fabulous drag gueen friend who loudly say, Twirl Girl!!!! Can't cha just picture it?

  8. I too check your blog daily! I love your art, and I am totally inspired by you! I live in a coastal town in Oregon, and I'd love to do an art walk as well. One for kids. That's MY passion. Arts and kids. Even the "art" taught in school is not expresive enough for me. I'd love to just make a day out of eating, touching, feeling, smelling, FEELING art for kids. We start inhibiting them so young. and it all starts with coloring. and "stay inside the lines!" *sigh* there just isn't enough twirl.


  9. Blogging is alot like journaling; there are no rules! You just do it as you feel like it. Good luck with the idea of having a studio in the city idea.

  10. I also check your blog everyday for an entry. I love reading it. Thanks.

  11. TEEEEEESHA! You RAWK Gurrrl! I was so thrilled and inspired the whole weekend. I truly needed to take your class. It was awesome. My sis and I are still on a creative binge. I met some amazing people and was thankful that you were here to bring us all together. I am so happy you love our town! COME BACK SOOOOONNN! (I'm sad you weren't here 3 days so I could take Tracy's metal journal class) HOLLA SISTA!!! Teehee...RosiePosie

  12. No need to beat yourself up about not blogging regularly on my account... I don't mind checking periodically. Revisiting your art is fun, and if there's something new? Well, that's a ducky whirl, a silly twirl, a pearl of a swirl!!!

  13. Love this mix media collage design!

  14. I twirl over here daily knowing full well that it isn't your style to blog daily. Can't help myself. Just don't want to miss it. You alone are responsible for me getting back to ART and we don't even know each other. So thank you.

  15. " I feel like a crud for dropping the ball on my blog entries. "

    Hush woman! Self-flagalation is not allowed. That went out with the Dark Ages and only brought out for The DaVinci Code. Blog only when you have something to say and break the bonds of internet slavery!

    Blogs can be a fun outlet, but don't knock yourself out, kiddo. Your clamoring public will forgive all and lap up every new word - regardless of how often or how rare you post.

    It's all gud, gyrl...it's all gud.